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Traversing Genres : Remember Property

R&B as a genre was one of the many concepts and art forms that influenced the birth of Hip-Hop in New York City in the early 1970's. DJ's would take percussive breaks from existing tracks, mainly Funk and R&B, while an 'MC' would essentially talk and interact with the crowd. It isn't surprising that, even though Hip-Hop and R&B have evolved a lot further than what they used to be, these two genres still go hand-in-hand, complementing the textures and colors of one another when done tastefully

Hold Me Down Cover Art

Remember Property (Omri Dintsman) is a Toronto-based singer, song-writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist who manages to seamlessly blend the two into one. Having a rather large discography of singles without any EPs or albums, he maintains a unique style and sound with his compositions and minimalistic approach to production. The seamless traversal between R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop creates a communion of sorts that bears fruit to a sound that exudes warmth, creating a spiraling inflation of the urge to rock your head back and forth; commonly known as head-bobbing.

Our favorite track of his comes from a single he released in 2021 which also happens to be his most popular track, 'Hold Me Down'. Although the production, composition and arrangement of this track was done by producer Hollywood JB (aka Justin Bryant) for J.I.D's track 'All Bad' from his 2017 album 'The Never Story', Remember Property adopts the track as his own, devising his own vocal melodies and harmonies which lets you view the track from a completely different perspective and just goes to show how many endless possibilities emerge from a single work of art.


Omri's debut as Remember Property came in 2019 with the single 'Sun', a song which opens up with a bright and sparkly arpeggiated synth which is the main motif on which the song is structured upon, think of this as the foundation to the house that Omri is building. Along with this hook, a punchy and warm drum kit is introduced to establish the overall rhythm and groove which gradually rises and intensifies as the song goes on. We absolutely love the composition and arrangement of the drums here, we have now arrived at the ground floor.

Hollywood JB (Justin Bryant)

Above the main rhythm conductor, Remember Property indulges himself in a slew of synths that are continually embellishing and essentially span across a varying abundance of emotions that are imbued in the listener. This is where we arrive at the most melodically driven, stimulating section of the song, the only section in which the main arpeggiated hook is absent and the expressiveness of the song is delivered through a lovely synth progression supported with a subtle horn section and tambourine and with this the house tour is nearing the end. Though you will hear the string pads towards the rear beginning near the middle, their most crowning moment will come towards the end, soaring and almost solitary in existence, setting the compositional climax as resolution.

In 2021, Omri went on an 8-month hiatus. Refining and fine-tuning his conception and practice of his art form. A large change can be observed in his music, taking a more intense and virile route toward his compositions. He describes his sound as an "Inimitable and unorthodox style (that) is characterized by his minimalistic instrumentals, unforgettable melodies and soulful multi-tracked harmonies, which seamlessly weave from R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop".

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