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6 Breakout Artists in 2023

We're 1 month into the New Year, and January was a great month for fresh music to ring in the New Year right. After having listened to the vibes, we figured out what's hot! Here are 6 artists who started 2023 right with great first releases of the year!

Madison sets a very relaxing, chilled out vibe with her track, 'Go Back'. The guitar hook sets the main tone of the track, while the percussive instruments create the perfect relaxed groove. The track is heavily reliant on Madison's lead vocals and the harmonies that act as pads through the song. The guitar solo here with its doubled lines and extensions create a lovely outro to seal the song.

Not only is this Brii Elliss' 1st release of 2023, this is also her 3rd ever single under the name. The composition of the track is simple, but the intricacies lie in the instrumentation with a large dependency on synthesis and vocal harmonies that create a swirling atmosphere of feelings. The vocal melodies that go on through the track are nothing short of catchy, as if Brii intended to make every line behave as a hook.

Crazy Anne is Noah's Basement's first single of 2023 as well as their debut track, and we absolutely LOVE it! The song moves consistently moves through with a single slide guitar hook that is present through out the track. The vocal textures here take a journey of their own and move all around the place. The structure of the track is a generic ABABCAB, but the bridge sections here takes the track in a completely opposite direction, with a fully stripped down set of just an acoustic guitar and vocals. The song will have you reminiscent of your interaction with Crazy Anne - even if you didn't know her!

The production on this track is quite unique as we feel any vibe can go on top of it, Matt chose to go the heartbreak way which, as you would expect, fits the vibe too! The groove laden, guitar heavy track is quite chill and easy to get hooked onto. Matt combines the use of singing and rapping to put across his emotions. The second rap verse is honestly really lovely, and we don't see anything else that could replace it.

We dare you not to shuffle to this one - the groove heavy track moves through an amalgamation of instrumentation and vocal processing to keep the track upbeat and interesting. The arrangement is really exciting here as Yellstone utilize vocal harmonies and double-tracking in their own unique way. This is a track that is a perfect example of using production as if it is an instrument of itself and they pair very well with the already existing instrumentation. There are specific vocal candies in the song which are so short and sweet, its difficult not to get addicted!

Track #10 on his debut album 'A Violent Dichotomy' is a really exciting one, we fell in love with the track the moment it opened with the synthesized arpeggiator as well as the general composition of the track and the way it was structured. The progression never falls into a lull and always stays exciting. The track moves into a lovely, slow building crescendo where all the instruments come together to form a nice and warm feeling before falling to a short and sweet outro.

Head to The Skadoosh's Indie Pop and Dream Pop playlist to listen to more artists like these and find YOUR sound!


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