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7 Artists on the Rise in 2023!

Along with the new year come a slew of indie pop artists that have burst onto the scene with a bang. In this list, you will find artists with fresh and unique sounds, and you do not want to miss out on the music they release this year!

#7 Phoebe Willo

Phoebe Willo goes beyond what you'd expect in terms of supporting harmonies as well as lead vocals. Her tracks take on a very dream-pop texture, significantly noticeable in the vocals, guitars, and drums. The harmonies in her tracks give us a warm, lifting feeling with how sparkly and bright they were. With Phoebe debuting in 2022 with 2 singles that have exploded, you can be sure that 2023 holds a lot more for her and her music.

#6 Vincent Finch

Vincent is probably the newest artist on this list, but his instrumentation as well as production tells us that his experience is nothing short of what is required for a musician. His debut and only single CCAC is filled with energy and will have you grooving in no time. The vocals layered on top of this add up to a funky and energetic track that will always get stuck in your head.

#5 Boyu

Since 2021, Boyu has been putting out quality tracks. Each one being better than the last. With 9 released singles that began with a track titled 'Flower Garden' which has blossomed into a 12 track album, of the same name. His most popular song, "Flower Garden" is a concoction of beautifully layered instruments which act as the backbone on which the wholesome lyrics are laid above. The track evolves through its different stages, imposing sections of high-energy Indie Rock as well as a bridge section impersonating a ballad which eventually returns back into a soft, mellow Indie Pop track.

#4 Easy Wanderlings

Easy Wanderlings pull inspiration from a large well of genres, branching from soul, jazz, folk, blues and pop. The band's vocal arrangement and textures have a lot of similarities with the warmth and depth of a particular Sam Wills. The lush instrumentation providing the foundation to the track, blend into a really beautiful, warm and fuzzy amalgamation of sonic elements. The depth of the instrumentation knows no bounds, bringing in string sections and flutes that pair wonderfully with the smooth electric guitars, the soft pianos and fortified basslines.

#3 Gus Dapperton

Gus Dapperton arguably has the most unique sound on this list, with his production style ranging from ethereal to funky to sometimes even a very pop-y sound. We never know what Gus will evolve into or what sounds to expect from him next, but what we do know is that his music never disappoints. From the utilization of plucky synths and groovy basslines paired with infectious vocal melodies and lush harmonies, he delivers everything you'd want in a high-energy track.

#2 Charlie Wilde

Pulling us in with the raw and rustic feel Charlie plants in his compositions, he constructs stories and poems which appeal to the emotions we feel as humans. The sound that Charlie adopts in his music is, as he describes, 'raw, sincere and human with an ethereal nature and emotional delivery conveying a deeply personal yet accessible message'. The simplicity of the musicality of his tracks is contrasted with the depth of the lyrics, perfect for a particularly somber mood. The unique vocal tone and texture that Charlie possesses create an amalgamation of tracks that are rare in this day and age.

#1 Kid Travis

Kid Travis has been consistently putting out quality music for a few years now, and we don't think he will be stopping or slowing down soon. The quantity and quality of his tracks are astonishing and you cannot help but admire his hard work and dedication to his craft. We know that in 2023, Kid Travis is going to be pulling out all the stops as he continues to grow and evolve as an artist as well as a performer in terms of his music.

We can't wait for the new music these artists are going to be releasing this year, and neither can we wait to hear new artists in 2023!

To check out these artists as well as more, head to The Skadoosh's Playlists!


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