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Blonds 'Retropective' ways

‘Retrospective’, Blonds new 3-part EP, is filled with fast moving, heavy guitars and very upbeat drums here which provide the perfect support for the melancholic lyrics in the foreground. We were hit with a short blast from the past upon hearing this EP, think 2010’s emo-rock, and we at The Skadoosh absolutely loved it.

A fitting name given to the collection of tracks that gave us a feeling of nostalgia for the duration of the EP. Blonds utilizes a unique style of arranging and layering the instruments in such a way that even a small 4-part band fills your ears with good vibes and makes it a challenge for you to not groove to it.

The vocal hooks here were like candy to our ears, specifically the first track, ‘Kate’s Moving to Philadelphia’. We just can’t seem to get the vocal and guitar hook out of our heads. The verse sections jut seem to be relatable but also at the same time completely alien.

“Thinking of the things that haven't happened yet
How could I miss someone I've barely met”

The instrumentation and composition here creates a very upbeat and exciting atmosphere which is a very stark contrast to the nature of the vocals and the lyrics. Blonds creates a rollercoaster of emotions that you wouldn’t expect to get from a track like this.

The following 2 tracks in this compilation are created in tandem with the message and artistic ideologies that Blonds wishes to impart in the first track, so if you happen to be left craving for more tracks like ‘Kate’s Moving to Philadelphia’, look no further than the same ep!

The genius mind behind Blonds resides in a Californian by the name of Luciano Thomas. Luciano, by no means, limits his artistic ability. Luciano, being an oil painter, creates his own album covers using his skills. Given his natural creative ability and instinct, it goes without saying that Luciano is not limited by Genre either.

Luciano seems to shift between genres very efficiently moving through LoFi, Indie Pop, Indie Rock and even dabbling in a bit of dance as well. We can confidently say that there is something for everyone within Blonds discography and you shouldn’t wait any longer to check him out.

Haven't gotten a chance to listen to Blonds' new track? Check it out here, on The Skadoosh's Dream Pop Playlist!


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