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BOYU's Debut Album

Since 2021, Boyu has been putting out quality tracks. Each one being better than the last. With 9 released singles that began with a track titled 'Flower Garden' which has blossomed into a 12 track album, of the same name, with an overall playtime of 33 minutes. If you're familiar with Boyu, then the album will do nothing but exceed your expectations.

Conceptually, 'Flower Garden' embeds a personification to each song. Every song in the album retains a unique identity. Inspired by the inner workings of an actual flower garden where flowers are arranged by colour and symbiosis, each of his songs are categorised by tempo, genre and overall mood. As he describes it, each song "Providing a character-rich, poignant auditory journey, the project's theme and infectious sound strike an immediate connection with the listener, leaving a strong impression from the get-go".

Based out of Los Angeles, California he was initially being trained in classical piano, but that was before the Indie-pop/Rap singer-songwriter found a passion in drums, guitar and songwriting. Regardless of the fact that his debut was only in April of 2021, Boyu has generated over 1,200,000+ streams/views while staying an independent artist. Since his arrival in the industry, a lot of attention was quickly shifted towards the way he utilises his curiosity to create genre-bending experimentation and express that through his music.

If this happens to be your first time listening to Boyu's music, then you're in for a treat as you would not know what to expect from the next song. In our opinion, he hasn't particularly found his "sound" in a musical sense...Which makes the listening sessions that much more fun as the album keeps us on our feet and continually surprises us.

His inspiration comes from artists such as Dominic Fike, Jeremy Zucker and blackbear. The St. Louis native "Packages inordinately cadence driven lyrical flow giving a more syncopated experience for the listener with a playful discovery of lush layers after multiple listens", as he says. What we like most about him is that every single release of his is accompanied by a music video to maximise your audio-visual experience.

His most popular song, "Flower Garden" which introduces the album is a concoction of beautifully layered instruments which act as the backbone on which the wholesome lyrics are laid above. The track evolves through its different stages, imposing sections of high energy Indie Rock as well as a bridge section impersonating a ballad which eventually returns back into a soft, mellow Indie Pop track.

We could write an article for each of his tracks, but we think that his project should be a personal experience; head to The Skadoosh's Indie Pop Playlist to discover Boyu and similar artists!


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