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Drake & 21 Savage : Her Loss

Drake and 21 Savage drop a new album, the first of their collaboration. The album features 16 new tracks in their catalog, along with a feature from Travis Scott in track #10, "Pussy & Millions" being the only song with a feature." Track #9, "Circo Loco" sample's French retired electronic duo Daft Punk's hit from their 'Discovery' album, "One More Time".

The project was publicly announced on the 22nd of October, which gave them a brief window for promotion. The unique promotion of their new album showed Drake and 21 Savage performing a fake NPR Tiny Desk Performance, a fake appearance on The Howard Stern Show as well as a fake Vogue Magazine Cover.

The influences of 21 Savage are very apparent in the exactly 1-hour long album, with his unique adlibs and lyrics dominating most of the tracks. The popularity of 21 Savage after this collaboration has already risen, with mass ultra-positive reviews and opinions on multiple social media platforms.

Drake releases this album right after his experiments with a dance album, 'Honestly, Nevermind'. 'Her Loss' takes Drake back to his roots in Rap as well as adds some newer, more popular influences and styles. Most notably, 4 track produced by Lil' Yachty along with the stylistic influences of 21, this album

feels very fresh and different compared

to Drake's past discography.

The public opinion of Drake seemed to have fallen shortly after the release of his previous album. People had taken to social media, with one user comparing the album to the slim slice of pizza you'd expect at a school pizza party. However, with Drake scrapping the "dance" vibe from his tracks and turning the clock back to 2018, the artist seems to be back in demand.

Drake's previous album, 'Honestly, Nevermind', is the 11th album to hit number one on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, which makes him the fifth artist ever to have more than 10 number one albums on the Billboard Charts. The Canadian rapper did not submit the LP for Grammy Nominations, which makes this his second year in a row without any Grammy features.

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