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Fresh Artists Alert: Beigee & AKA The Truth

By Sindhu Vishwam

New to the block, Beigee has produced a track with so much rizz, it is hard not to notice. His first single, Round The Way featuring vocals of A.K.A The Truth is charismatic and bold to say the least. The track is so full of character and dynamics that it sets new standards for what a first single should sound like.

Right off the bat, within the first 2 seconds, you realise that you are about to be listening to 3 minutes and 12 seconds of finesse. Instrument tones play such an important role in bringing any track to life. Beigee has envisioned this very well in the instrumentation. The 15 seconds intro plays like headlines in the news. It’s precise and gives you a very accurate idea about the mood of the track. The clean tone guitars with a pulsating melody, and a very simple rhythmic groove strongly grounds the powerhouse vocals.

Collaborations are often risky for a lot of reasons. Musically, it is often difficult to find artists who can give and take ideas, to create an impactful track. Here, bringing AKA The Truth on board for vocals is a win-win all the way. Smooth vocals that are processed effortlessly is a highlight in itself. Plus, the instrumentation and the vocals maintain a healthy boundary, while complimenting each other. The arrangement creates a lot of space in the track while still maintaining the rich textures and not compromising on the conception in any way.

The song structure is crystal clear and it can easily be divided into 30 second bits. Each bit highlights different layers of the production very gracefully. It follows a standard song structure but with clear cut distinctions made between each part. The drops are laid down with transitions in the arrangement that act like the best cliffhangers, with the most exciting narrative build up coming right after.

To wrap this delicious track off, Beigee places the immaculate guitar solo, which on its own is nothing special. Let me put it like this: From a guitarist’s point of view, it is not the most divine solo. But the energy it gives at the end of the track is unmatchable. It’s fast, it’s imperfect and far away from being the best ending to a track like Round The Way. However, what it shows is the confidence of the producer on making a creative decision so fine that it exceeds the line of perfection into becoming just pure art.

You cannot judge it. You can only enjoy it!

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