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Fresh Indie Finds : Madison Steinbruck

Madison Steinbruck is a 25 year-old songwriter and vocalist. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020, the Texan native found herself working on her upcoming album while living with a host family in Australia.

After returning to Texas for a few months, Madison released her debut single, '24'. She goes on to say that "This song is heavily inspired by the noticeable changes in yourself and others when returning home for the first time in a long time."

Madison began working on her forthcoming album after moving to Nashville, recording the songs at 'The Bombshelter' in East Nashville. After debuting with '24' in 2022, she has released 2 more singles titled 'Kathryn' and 'Bad News' which will also be featured on her debut album. She describes her style as "songs written to encompass feelings of loneliness and contentment, loss and love, the beauty of life and its unavoidable tragedies.

In her latest release, 'Bad News' she utilizes somewhat eerie vocal tones which lie atop an emotional composition. The composition tendencies she takes seem to move toward an arrangement similar to that of 'Cigarettes After Sex' while also maintaining a compositional movement comparable to that of Bon Iver's.

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