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Fresh Indie Finds : Meadowlark

Kate McGill and Daniel Broadley are the two halves that make up Meadowlark. Having been on the scene since 2013, Meadowlark have garnered a large, loyal fan following over the years through their instrumentally filled composition and emotional vocals which are subtly layered with deep harmonies. Kate's vocal tones are embedded into the lyrics making them indistinguishable from each other. The compositions that Meadowlark conceive remind us a lot of Sleeping At Last, Aquilo or Novo Amor.

The compositions that Meadowlark conceive remind us a lot of Sleeping At Last, Aquilo or Novo Amor. t creates a separate experience all together. The arrangements of their songs are quite exciting and intriguing, with subtle variations and slight changes which aren't noticeable, be that as it may, create a huge difference to the tracks.

Whether you're looking for something mellow, a song to accompany you in your blues or something to get you feeling energetic, this band will deliver. Meadowlark's experimentation and compositional prowess are the two things that interest us most about the band. Once such example is the song 'Fly' from their 2017 album 'Postcards'. Having released 2 versions, the original and the acoustic set.

The original songs is filled with powerful drum sounds, accompanied by boundless dynamics, lush crests and quiet troughs, and fulfilling flourishes and crescendos, which we absolutely love. The acoustic version is more emotionally inclined, with each instrument complimenting the vocals and shifting your attention towards them. The clever use of a broad array of acoustic instruments will have you traversing through emotions like a bird in flight.

What we're most looking forward to is the upcoming album from Meadowlark this year. We've been lucky enough to listen to one of their upcoming tracks, and we have to say, the compositional leaps they have taken here were very exciting. Consisting of larger, more full harmonies and lead vocals and counter melodies that behave as a hook. The vocal melodies that they incorporate in their upcoming tracks are nothing short of compelling. This is one artist that we are so excited about, and you wouldn't want to miss out.


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