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Fresh Out the Indie Music Oven : Richard Orofino

Richard Orofino releases a hot new single, 'Superstar'. The track has a very raw and rustic feel to the arrangement and composition as well as the overall instrument choice as everything feels a bit chaotic but at the same time, exactly where it belongs exactly. Richard adopts a very Neighbourhood-esque energy. The gradual change in dynamics creates a very appealing progression through the track.

Richard creates a thick and very full vocal sound to introduce a large mix of emotions and backs it up with a wide variety of very subtle synths and perky percussions. Richard alternates between an ever variating guitar riff and rhythmic guitar to implement contrasting tonalities and harmonics in the track, creating rifts and space within the sections of the track to give each instrument the opportunity to breathe.

"I just found out who you really are,
and now you're gone"

-Lyric from 'Superstar' by Richard Orofino

The breakdown in the track is almost like a sigh of relief at the perfect point in the track when all the tension and chaos that ensued before is finally released. Richard imitates the very soul of Indie-Rock as well as Indie-Pop, creating tracks which could very well be compositions by The Lumineers, The Neighbourhood or Young the Giant, while maintaining his own artistic style and integrity.

Richard has been a quality artist flying below the radar for quite a while. raking in around 200,000 - 1.5 million streams for a range of his discography. We guarantee this is an up-and-coming artist you do not want to miss out on.

Have a listen to Richard Orofino and more artists you do not want to miss out on through The Skadoosh's Indie and Alternative Rock Playlist


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