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Get Closer to Donavon

Donavon Bryan, professionally known as 'Donavon', is an up-and-coming RnB artist who uses the help of basslines to which you can't help but move your legs to and drums that are so groovy that they'll melt your brain! The synthesis that he incorporates in his track leaves with a sense of yearning for more.

Donavon's most recent single 'Closer' is the 6th single he boasts under his belt. 'Closer' fuses all the lovable aspects of RnB as well as Hip-Hop to bring you the perfect balance of both worlds as well as create a sound unique to him. He mainly releases songs in the category of Neo-soul, but can tap into other avenues as well. The vocals in this specific track are raspy and sultry, which reminds us of the golden era of romantic RnB.

The track kicks off with the vocals, drums and bass in tandem along with a subtle pad. The energy at this point in the track seems to have an insurmountable amount of energy, or so we thought. The change in progression, structure and groove at multiple conjectures in the track keep the listener always on the lookout for what to expect next. He seems to embed the energy of Anderson .Paak along with the vocals of Brent Faiyaz into his track, as we like to describe it.

Head to Grease Release's Chill RnB playlist to hear Donavon and more artists like him.


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