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Getting Caught in a Parade ; Easy Wanderlings

Easy Wanderlings release their first EP of 2022! Formed in 2015 and based out of Pune, India; Easy Wanderlings pull inspiration from a large well of genres, branching from soul, jazz, folk, blues and pop. The eight member band release their second EP, the first being a two-song EP released in 2019. The band have also released one album, 'As Written in the Stars', since their conception.

The newly released EP, 'Caught in a Parade', has a runtime of just under 20 minutes which makes a very easy listen to moisten your tastebuds with fresh music. The EP contains 5 songs; 'Enemy', 'Center of the Universe', 'Mayflower', 'Castles in the Air', and 'Makin my Move'.

The band's vocal arrangement and textured have a lot of similarities with the warmth and depth of a particular Sam Wills. The lush instrumentation providing the foundation to the track, blend into a really beautiful, warm and fuzzy amalgamation of sonic elements. The depth on the instrumentation knows no bounds, bringing in string sections and flutes that pair wonderfully with the smooth electric guitars, the soft pianos and fortified basslines.

Our favourite track from the EP would definitely have to be 'Castles in the Air'. The track starts off with solitary piano which is then accompanied by soulful female vocals. The way the vocal harmonies build up the tension in the track is nothing short of stellar.

What particularly caught our ears and our undivided attention was the subtle soundgasms the strings provided in the background of the vocals. The song in filled to the brim with lush string sections, violin runs and flute runs, there is definitely something for everyone to take away from this track.

Do yourself a favour and bless your ears, by clicking the link below you will be re-directed to the Spotify Web Player for Easy Wanderlings new EP, 'Caught in a Parade'


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