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Glenn Lumanta's Rapture

Glenn Lumanta is a multi-genre producer, singe/songwriter and an instrumentalist. With a background in Jazz Piano and his unique vocals, the tracks that he conceives and creates are very exciting. Bringing together the realms of RnB, Jazz and Hip-hop, Glenn creates a unique cluster of instruments bound with his lustrous harmonies, warm vocals and flowing melodic lines. Along with the funky, groovy plethora of synthesizers included into his compositions, we believe there is something for everyone in his music.

His latest and first release of 2023. 'Rapture', starts off with a funky synth line that's acts as the under-lick and we can confirm that it's quite addicting when paired with the boom-bap drum groove going on along with it. The vocal melodies are quite stimulating from the get-go and are constantly variating exploring passing notes and embellishments to the under-lying harmonies. The piano solos lands near the final 1/3 of the track and moves from near to distant which creates a lovely tone modulation. We could count a total of 3 vocal candies in the track, each one being more catchy than the last.

This comes off the back of his last release, which was a stripped down version of his song, 'Somebody'. The emotional vocals accompanied by his neutral toned electric guitar create a pairing that just seem to be meant together. The large, short-tailed reverb here creates a room that feels so full but at the same time seems so empty.

Although the original version is more of an erotic RnB track, it goes to show the various routes a single track can take and how emotion, intention and delivery affect the way a track is portrayed by the listener.

Since his debut in 2017, Glenn has released 18 singles and a 6 track ep, with a steady rise in popularity, he is on his way to ruffle some feathers. His most popular song, 'Just Saying', is an RnB inspired ballad/serenade featuring Jeremy Passion, with full harmonies throughout and a harmonic passage that flows through the song effortlessly. The production work on his tracks are nothing short of magic as the arrangements just seem to fit perfectly in place, like a puzzle. His growth as a musician is quite apparent through his discography and the improvement is astronomical, and we love the version of his sound he's found this year and we cannot wait to hear more!

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