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Here Goes Nothing; Adam Melchor's New Approach to Music

Adam Melchor's second album appeals to the vulnerable and fragile side of our complicated emotions as human beings. The Indie-Pop/Rock artist says his second album is inspired by the difficulties of his experience being a part of a long distance relationship.

'Here Goes Nothing', as dubbed by his fans, takes on an 'emo-jazz' style. Adam takes it a step further by incorporating elements of Indie-Pop, RnB, Jazz as well as Soul. We'll go ahead and let Adam decide what genre he wants to be categorized in, but we feel his music is a genre in itself.

The variating instrumentation over the duration of the 35-minute time-stamp, he displays his dexterity in musical composition as well as arranging. The vastness of his vocal harmonies are euphoric and warm. The synthesis here makes up for its sparsity with the complexity and depth of it architecture. The lyrics are quite meta in terms how relatable they are, these songs hit home.

The most popular song on the album currently, is 'Turnham Green' (684,000 streams on Spotify) which illustrates a scenario where Adam's partner is put in a difficult position to choose between their dream or their relationship. The lyrics will have you with a lump in your throat, and the harmonization makes it all the more melancholic.

To get a smaller view of the album as a whole, we recommend you listen to 'Turnham Green' by clicking the link here.


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