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Indie Pop on the Rise : Olivia De Melo

What is indie-pop? In recent years, the demand for Indie-Pop songs has multiplied exponentially, which has given birth to many new sounds, unique compositional and production techniques which led to the vast catalogue of sub-genres and artists we have now. The word 'Indie-Pop' originally means 'Independent Pop'. Essentially, smaller artists would release albums and songs without the help and resources that record labels hold. These resources include studio sessions, promotion, advertising, printing, distribution, public relations, event management, merchandising and much more.

Given the large investment of any record label into an artist, the organization expects large returns from the distribution of the artist's music. Artists are then usually made to follow styles and techniques which lead to the mainstream pop sound. This creates an industry that becomes highly competitive and filled with songs that are very similar while simultaneously, artists aren't given the opportunity to express themselves creatively.

This gave way to the international rise of 'Indie-Pop' as a genre, artists such as The Strokes, Rex Orange County and Clairo; all while holding their own uniqueness and distinct style still fall into the same category. Our newest Indie-Pop find is Australian singer-songwriter, Olivia De Melo. Olivia's day job as a school teacher for children with special needs along with her specialization in indigenous training and education is a passion of hers. By night, Olivia is often practicing her love for her second passion; music.

Her style is unique and very distinct, many layers of vocals and harmonies paired with her unique voice gives her a sound that is inimitable and special. The instrument choices she makes are nothing out of the ordinary, but the compositional structure of each instrument gives them their own shine and character as well as an overall luster to any track she steps on. Olivia's debut came about in 2017 with her track 'Senseless'. She then went on to release 3 more singles; one in 2019 and two in 2020. After a 2 year break, Olivia is back with her song 'I Need You'.

The increase in popularity of her music is very apparent and the improvement and stylistic changes she's made over the years is drastic but we love it! She describes her music as lush melody lines, poetic lyrics and vintage tones which has a multi-genre reach and audience appeal with a style that is quintessentially her own, with unmistakable vintage era ambiance and soulful vocal performances in every track.

Her latest release 'I Need You' is a testament to her creativity and individual style. The vocals are lush, full, and warm through and through. The harmonies are subtle and soft but play a substantial role in the sound and emotion of this track. What we found exceptional about this song is how subtle every instrument is in terms of the arrangement and composition but that exact subtlety is what makes this song beautiful. Olivia pulls your attention to her vocals and lyrics which are stellar to say the least.

We can't wait to listen to more of Olivia's music. Can you? Head to The Skadoosh's Indiepop Playlist to listen to Olivia De Melo and more artists like her!

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