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Kailaya's Jazz Infused Ear Candy

Have you ever heard a musician before and wished you could find more artists and music that gives you the same feeling?

If you're a fan of alternative rnb artists such as Daniel Caesar, Snoh Aalegra or Summer Walker, then look no further.

Bursting into the industry as a UK musician in early 2022, Kailaya is a female singer/songwriter. Inspired by the likes of Daniel Caesar, Kailaya concocts melodies and harmonies that work so well together that they give you that warm feeling in your stomach. Her silky vocals paired with her groovy soundscapes really makes her a listen you wouldn't want to miss.

Kailaya infuses jazz inspired guitars and pianos into her composition just to bring about that extra sparkle in the music to really get the listener addicted. The vocal harmonies here induce the same emotion you would get from the cresting and crashing of ocean waves with all the lushness they hold.

Kailaya's venture into music was brought to fruition as an outlet for her depression. Spending years working on her poetry, the only Kailaya was missing were melodies to be paired with the words she jots down. Kailaya says, "I want people to feel exactly what I am feeling and saying", which is quite evident in the emotion she performs her songs with.

Kailaya's music falls under alternative rnb, jazz and soul. The influence form each of these forms of music are very apparent in her music and creates a lovely listening experience for one of those lazy days.

Treat yourself to one of Kailaya's songs. Head over to our fellow curator's Chill RnB playlist to listen to Kailaya and more!


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