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Keep Playing Live Music: Buffalo Paradise

Buffalo Paradise, a Sydney-based band produces songs dripping with seafoam, effortlessly blending punchy vocals, thumping basslines, and driving rock rhythms with laid-back harmonies and surfy guitar leads. In an exclusive interview with The Skadoosh, the band shared their musical journey. 

How did the band come together?

Each member of the band had played with one another in very different situations before finally coming together in Buffalo Paradise. Lachie (vocals) and Angus (guitar) are old social hockey mates turned jam buddies, Chris (keys) is Angus’ brother and went to school with Rory (drums), and then Angus and Naren (bass) played originally in a jazz trio! Quite a mix but it has brought a lot of different elements musically and personality-wise to the band.

What does ‘Buffalo Paradise’ mean? What’s the story behind that?

Buffalo Paradise is an old in-joke between Lachie and Angus spawned from a trip they took together with a group of friends. Lachie actually posted an original demo to our first single (self-titled single Buffalo Paradise) in the chat this trip was planned, Angus picked it up, added lead guitar and it became the inspiration for the band.

Why did you choose to make predominantly Indie Pop music?

Indie pop matches our influences a lot coming from indie music, but it also allows the highly energetic upbeat music we want to put out.

How has the indie music scene changed since you first started, and where do you see it going in the next few years?

We’ve seen a lot of bands grow and get a presence in the Sydney indie scene, and see a lot of our band friends that we’ve played shows with having heaps of success which is really cool. The scene is a very sharing-focused environment, with every band trying to support each other.

What does the band enjoy the most: composing or performing live?

Buffalo Paradise loves the live performance! Seeing all our friends and supporters at each gig, and being able to bring our highest energy and musicality to every show is so much fun for us.

How does the band resolve conflicts or disagreements?

The band is very level-headed when it comes to disagreements. Everyone has a voice and can be comfortable vocalizing their view, and we are always willing to try to see how any musical idea works. Sometimes these ‘weirder’ ideas that we’ve tried have been the most successful, which just makes us want to do this more.

What are your pre-show rituals or routines?

Just to have dinner as a band and get a quick moment to take a breath together beforehand.

Lady Wonder is your latest EP release. Tell us more about that. 

Lady Wonder is the last of a series of songs we’ve been recording at the famous Studios 301 in Sydney with Jack Garzonio and Stefan Du Randt. It was a really fun song to make as it changes quite dramatically throughout, from moments that are operatic to just a massive hook in the chorus.

Is there a particular song of yours that holds a special meaning to you? Why?

The original Buffalo Paradise song definitely has a special meaning. It brought the band together, and still is our signature song and we always look back so fondly on its genesis.

If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

Each member of the band comes from a very different musical background so it would be a tough call honestly!

If you weren’t making music, what do you think each member of the band would be doing instead?

We all work our own jobs independent of the band, meaning we have a means to support our passion here and also the band serves as a release from day to day pressures of working life. We’d likely continue pursuing these roles, but it wouldn’t be the same without the band.

What would you like to say to any upcoming musician?

Keep playing live music, keep putting music out into the world! At times it might feel like you aren’t growing as a band, but you will see it over time stylistically.

Stream their music on Spotify now and follow their Instagram for more updates!


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