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KTL's Soulful Indie

KTL induces a sense of calmness with his rustic guitars and raw instrumentation. KTL uses the warmth and energy of choirs and layered vocal harmonies to create a sparkle in the track. Pulling his influences from artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Ben Howard and the Glass Animals, KTL creates the 'cozy in a blanket' feeling with his melodic and harmonic nuances.

KTL's 'Home It Comes' features raw and variating guitars to create a specific mood. The guitars are arranged alongside thick and heavy drums to really create an evolution of energy over the progression of the track. The vocal harmonies and double-tracks create a very large image of vocal melodies and counter-melodies.

KTL's roots are based in soulful indie music based in fingerstyle guitar with a sprinkle of electronic elements to create a contrast in the music, sonically. The vocal style of KTL has a soft and warm texture to it with power brought about by the number of takes and layers.

The structure in 'Home It Comes' follows a more standard form with a few additions and variations such as the bridge which takes a slower more progressive movement to really drive home that final resolution.

Check out KTL's track, 'Home It Comes' in fellow curator, GreaseRelease's Indie Folk Playlist.


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