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Letters from Chae

L.A. based artist, Chae, releases her debut EP, Letters I’ll Never Write, which is filled with songs that feel like they’re meant for Chae’s diary. Chae has an added texture of soul and

this EP is filled with tracks that could embody a person. The soulful and groovy instrumentation really adds that extra layer which most songs really fail to achieve. We completely fell in love with Chae’s silky vocals and the intent behind her tracks.

Chae describes her music as if she’s a “blue haired girl writing songs to those who think she's writing songs about them”. Chae explores the implementation of Jazz as well as R&B and Pop into the composition of her tracks.

The intro to the EP (Titled : Intro) is a smooth, jazzy piano that supports the sultry vocals of Chae, and is the perfect introduction to the rest of the album as the energy proceeds to rise and fall later on. What follows this is a mellow R&B (Titled : On & On) track that is perfect for setting the mood. Halfway through the album (Titled : All I Wanna Do) Chae ventures into something very vocal heavy and riddled with harmonies, and we’re absolutely here for it.

The fourth track (Titled: Make You) is a lot more energetic and peppy, the interaction between the instrumentation here is what producers world over are eager to perfect. The synthesis here adds that special characteristic to the track and is what makes it stand out from the rest. The penultimate track (Titled : I Tried) carries the same energy onwards but amps the grooviness of the drums up quite a bit, this one really got our heads bopping. The final track (Titled : Neverland) on the album features lush harmonies, flowing water, and a bassline that acts as ear candy.

The EP has a runtime of just under 20 minutes, which makes it a great easy listen on a relaxing Saturday evening.

Haven't gotten a chance to explore Chae's capabilities? Click here to get a deeper look into Letters Chae will never write.

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