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Meteoric Indie Rise : Phoebe Willo

With the current market saturation in music, especially the in the Indie Rock segment, it's hard to find authentic and original home-grown music in this day and age. That was until we found Phoebe Willo.

The recently turned 20-year-old singer/songwriter released her first single in September 2022 'Yesterday's Mistake', at the time of writing, has garnered 11,000 plays on Spotify. The track takes on a very dream-pop texture, significantly noticeable in the vocals, guitars and drums. The harmonies in this track give us a warm, lifting feeling with how sparkly and bright they were.

Her second release, 'My Friend Sarah Tonin', which release in November 2022 has had meteoric growth in the past few days, having over 200,000 plays in this short time frame. Phoebe goes beyond what you'd expect in terms of the supporting harmonies as well as the lead vocals. Compared to her previous release, 'My Friend Sarah Tonin' simplifies the instrumentation by removing the drums and the bass guitar while retaining a piano, electric guitar and vocals supported by harmonies.

The missing instruments allows the listener to catch on to the beautiful vocal melodies that made us swoon as well as harmonies. The title of the track is a play on the word 'Serotonin', Phoebe uses this word-play well in the line;

"You Gave Me So Much Serotonin, I've Got Enough To Fly"

Phoebe is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter. She plays the ukulele, piano and guitar. Currently completing her final year in Music at Water Bear College in Brighton, UK. To have a listen to her new track head to The Skadoosh's Indie Pop / Dream Pop Playlist.


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