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Fresh Out the Indie Music Oven : Kael Alden

Kael Alden has new music fresh out of the indie music oven. His new track “How Can You Sit There?” utilizes the implementation of lovely ambient sounds and as Kael amps up the energy in the track, so does the soundscape he creates. The vocals on the track are nothing short of a dreamy texture, which gave us the feeling of an ethereal being. The warm and lush harmonies here are paired beautifully with the surgically performed rhythmic movement of the bass and the groovy drums that you just can’t seem to stop bobbing your head to.

"How can you sit there and let this happen?
Ooh I thought I knew ya"

Kael’s synth work is quite apparently unique, taking something that would otherwise sound jarring and make it fit like a missing puzzle piece. This is the storm in the calm and the chaos in the order. The pads that are introduced in the intro of the track as well as the melodic synth sets the tone for the track in the beginning in all the vagueness and ambiguity on the type of track Kael is aiming for. The ambient sounds that he hides in the nooks and crannies of the track are very aurally pleasing once you learn to keep an ear out for them.

Kael is no stranger to the indie music scene, being a member of the band “Faded Paper Figures” since its conception in 2007 with a very synth rock vibe.

Kael has very evidently adapted his style and art as society’s tastes seem to invariably evolve continuously. Kael has a very similar style to that of Jordan Rakei, Tora and Thundercat and if you’re facing a drought from these artists, Kael is the perfect substitution for this.

At the risk of being cliché, Kael’s track genuinely felt like a journey through his music. The track opens up with just Kael’s vocals which is processed absolutely gorgeously and Kael slowly incorporates a synth here and there to add texture and development to the track.

The track then moves into a more traditional R&B groove and instrumentation which was quite a contrast from the intro. What makes Kael unique is his incorporation of synths, a lot of the synths being sounds that wouldn’t traditionally work in most tracks.

Want to get a closer listen to Kael’s track? Click here to open the Spotify Web Player to Kael’s track “How Can You Sit There?”


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