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Quick 5 with Easy Wanderlings

Easy Wanderlings are an 8 membered, Indian-based soul group, who are finding themselves climbing the ladder quickly and gaining recognition worldwide. Delivering tranquil sounds, and music that one could slow dance to on a sunny afternoon, the members each offer something unique, as they come together in perfect unison. Their originality and gift to create soothingly sensational music, has awarded them several titles and shows all over. From performing at COP 26 - Climate Change Conference, Glasgow to being amongst the Top Ten Artists to Watch in 2018 by Red Bull, Easy Wanderlings have traveled far and wide in a short span of 5 years. Here is a quick interview with Easy Wanderlings:

1. When and how was your band Easy Wanderlings formed? And how did you come up with that name?

The band was formed in 2015 by me (Sanyanth) and my college friend Malay Vadalkar. At that time Malay was finishing his studies in sound design at SRFTI Film Institute in Calcutta. He was an expert with the technical aspect of song recording and mixing while I focused on the creative side of things. We met Pratika and the rest of the members through friends and sheer luck over the next year. It feels like the band came together magically just when we needed each other and it all happened so fast…like it was meant to be and hence our debut album is called ‘As Written in the Stars ’.

Well, with the regard to the name Easy Wanderlings, apart from the fact that we are a bunch of easygoing wanderlings, I think it is safe to say we make music that resonates with our inner traveler/wanderer. If our tunes take you on a journey someplace nice, we’re doing something right.

2. What do you consider your genre to be?

As of now, our music is an amalgamation of soul, folk, and pop.

3. What is the story and inspiration behind your latest release, The Akkare Tapes?

We spent a few days relaxing in Pratika’s house located in the outskirts of Chennai during the first Covid lockdown in 2020 and we thought it would be nice to revisit some of our older tunes while we’re there. We invited Ashwath Nair, a friend, and

filmmaker to shoot the videos, which

came out pretty well.

4. Did the pandemic in any way affect the way you worked together as a band?

Yes, it did initially, especially because we were so used to working together, in person. During the lockdown, we had all moved back to our hometown. We quickly managed to find ways to work around it and continued to stay productive. We wrote songs over long phone calls, recorded music from different parts of the country, and did some fun stuff to keep the online community active.

5. What is your plan for 2022?

Last year we launched two tracks ‘Enemy’ and ‘Makin my move’ from our upcoming EP ‘Caught in a parade’. This year we plan to release the rest of the EP sometime between April and June. We were invited to perform at SXSW Austin in March, but given how fast Covid is spreading we’re likely to skip the showcase. Later this year hopefully if and when the world will become a safer place, we’d like to do a nationwide tour to promote the EP. Until then, we’ll continue to march forward, one day at a time.

Easy Wanderlings. Credit: Daniel Braganza


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