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Ritviz drops debut full-length album

Ritviz first burst into the Indian Music scene with his electronic hit 'Udd Gaye', he rocketed towards fame and stardom in India. The inspiration and passion he gained for music comes from his parents. Having been exposed to Hindustani Classical music from the age of 6 by his mother who is a Hindustani vocalist (who features on the album in multiple tracks) as well as his father who is a tabla player.

The inspiration for his debut album, 'Mimmi', comes from Ritviz's love for his mother and his parents support of his career choice. 'Mimmi', as he lovingly refers to his mother, is a compilation of 9 tracks which reminisce of his childhood memories as well as the relationship he shares with his mother.

Having been exposed to classical music at such a young age, he wanted to break free from the restrictions he faced from solely studying classical music, at the age of 12 he explored more into Electronic Music Production. During his teenage years, Hip-Hop was a very big part of his life. The influences in his musical journey are very apparent in the music he produces.

Ritviz goes on to say that the album is filled songs he wrote with his mom, to understand love better. "I feel very grateful for the love I have received and continue to receive – it has and always will give me the strength to keep moving forward. But where there’s love, there’s also heartbreak. Once I grew out of my cocoon and into the world outside is when I truly realized the value of the love I was taught, while being accepting of other love languages. My journey of realizing this, was the progression of the album that I shared with my mother only to realize that it’s not the journey even, but the company that helped me rejoice and realize, and that is why the album is an ode to my mother."

The tracks in Mimmi are very electronic dependent but still introduce elements and instruments from Classical Indian music, such as the tabla, raags, and taals and more. Ritviz uses a very warm and lush vocal synth in his productions as well to make his style even more unique.

Ritviz releases his debut album, 'Mimmi', fresh off of a collaboration with Marvel Studios' franchise 'Ms. Marvel', having his prior releases 'Sage' and 'Thandi Hawa' featured in the show as well as a newly released tracks titled, 'Aavegi'.

Click here to open the Spotify Web Player link to Ritviz's newly released album.


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