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SER has perfected Sad Bops!

by Sindhu Vishwam

When you find the perfect break up song that has the potential to play on loop for weeks, life settles down. Someone Else's Rain's latest single Cry Them For You is exactly that. This pop duo (Ryan and Alex) has produced a true sad bop with the perfect hook line. Yep. It's perfect!

Right from the opening notes, the track follows the plight of the singer who is stuck somewhere between depression and acceptance in the grief chart. It is paired with an almost ecstatic soundscape that balances the emotion right on the rope. The rhythm complements the song’s depth, which is subtle but powers through towards the end, creating a captivating sonic landscape for the vocals to be layered.

Lyrically, the duo weaves a narrative that paints relatable imagery and the chorus emphasises thoughts we have all had after a break up. The production quality of Cry Them For You is impeccable. It allows each element to shine through with pristine clarity. The delicate interplay of instruments is mastered to ensure that every note resonates harmoniously. From the wavy synth in the intro to the laid back bass line, everything lines up just enough to highlight the vocals.

The arrangement in the track showcases a tasteful use of additional instrumental elements with strings and atmospheric pads. These elements add layers of depth and texture, creating a sense of expansiveness. The strings, in particular, enhance the song's dramatic impact, adding a touch of elegance and grandeur to certain sections.

The soulful vocals breathe life into every word, evoking a sense of empathy and understanding. The vocals carry a rare combination of vulnerability and determination, conveying a powerful message. The subtle nuances and passionate delivery are a testament to the artist's immense talent and emotional depth.

The build-up of intensity throughout the song is executed with precision, creating an exhilarating crescendo that captures the listener's attention until the very last second. Someone Else’s Rain is also delving into communicating with their listeners through a discord set up that they use to share their creative processes, life and everything in between. After Cry Them For You, they are headed for more releases that we believe will be certified bangers as well!

You can listen to Someone Else's Rain on The Skadoosh's indie pop and dream pop 2023 playlist!


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