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Smile, you Sleepy Soul!

by Sindhu Vishwam

St. Louis based indie-pop duo Sleepy Soul released their 24th single ‘Smile’ in March and it’s sure to bring your hopes up. The hook line, “One smile is all you need” will live in your head rent-free for quite some time.

You might think simple synths and a repetitive snare and hi-hat pattern might become boring and monotonous. But then you add a deliciously thick bass line with airy vocals and light lyrics and you have got yourself a banger!

Well, it’s not as simple as the band makes it seem. When dissected carefully, you get to see the production work out its magic in all its glory.

The arrangement starts with the kicks layered together with a bright, sharp synth that thrusts the listener into the rhythm instantly. The sparkle in the pads patch keeps you on your feet. The bass line is quickly tossed at you for that ear-coma that you will refuse to come out of.

Just when you are about to lose yourself in the instrumental, the bass line pulls a break on you for a second and voila! Entry of the vocals!

A simple vocal melody is complemented with lyrics that are full of zing. As the song progresses, it slowly reveals details of who this smile belongs to. Tidbits of the conversations the singer has had are like easter eggs, that are quick to register in your head.

But when swaying to the full track, the lyrics take a less bother-some stance by just hanging out in the background, only coming to the forefront for all the lyrics fanatics.

Just like their previous releases, Sleep Soul has a signature sound that has the same effect as muted dark colours and wonky curvatures. This continues in Smile too. Muffled drum tones and a clean guitar with very little processing, act as the track’s foundation over which the bass line is carefully painted. Sleepy Soul makes it a strong point to establish their brand and ‘Smile’ carries it forward effortlessly.

With indie pop blooming all over the world, Sleepy Soul carefully picks its spot, creating a niche sound that is ‘oh-so familiar,’ yet cool enough to gain a solid following.

In a line, Sleepy Soul’s music is built like a clever game of Tetris. It is light, fun and full of life. Funky synths, toned-down mix and simple melodies with clean, animated vocals come together like a good potion. It will bewitch you for good!

To listen to Sleepy Soul’s Smile, head to The Skadoosh’s indie pop and dream pop vibes 2023 playlist.


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