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'Some Dude Phelix' and his musical tools.

Phelix is the brain-child of multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist, Eric Vanier. Phelix’s debut EP, “Some Dude Phelix”, is a journey through a multitude of tracks that explore the soundscapes that are born from Phelix’ style of fusion and genre bending.

Phelix maintains a clear influence from Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Bossa, a bit of Punk and a lot more in the process of his mixture of sounds that make up the EP. Phelix is very big on collaboration as well, being a session musician and producer working with multiple bands and artists, his love for the art is quite apparent, and we’re here for it!

The second track on the album, “Your Guy” takes through a story that is based off of a bossa groove in the electric and bass guitars which create a very exciting foundation for the track. The drums here are quite punchy and heavy which brings us to the rock sector of the track where Phelix pulls his influence from for the structure of the track as well as the dynamic variation used in the track as well. The vocal texture and processing of the track creates a very 2010’s punk rock vibe, which we absolutely love.

“Cause anytime I feel alive
I’m with you”

The one thing we noticed after having a thorough listening session was Phelix’s ability to create ear candies in the form of vocal hooks and melodies. Phelix utilises a lush array of synths to really juice up the track and the atmosphere which really conveys what Phelix wants to say with the clarity of a crystal.

Phelix doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon either, with an album titled ‘Phelix Sucks’ coming out in the latter half of 2022 and a plethora of singles releasing over the summer of 2022, and we’re very excited for the fresh sounds that Phelix comes up with.

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