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Soulful R&B : Joshua Thew

Joshua Thew is a Hertfordshire native, Brooklyn-based R&B artist who has been gathering a loyal and ever-growing fanbase. The classically trained singer/dancer shifted his focus towards music in 2017 after pursuing a decade long career in the New York City Ballet. The artist describes his sound as "Singularly soulful : rich, vulnerable and melancholic."

Every big artist in the industry has something that everyone describes as 'a sound'. This characteristic is something that artists often take years to build after their debut album. Joshua has very clearly been working on his craft, compositionally as well as artistically, which has given him a very distinct sound. One that is similar sonically to Bruno Major.

Joshua debuted with a 3-part EP in 2019 and followed up with 1 single in 2021 and 3 more in 2022. His influences range from the likes of The Eurythmics, Sade and Donny Hathaway; all of which are very apparent throughout his discography. His most recent release 'Sweetest Mistake' is a box filled with warm-padded vocal harmonies, along with a lush and satiating array of instruments and the sultry vocals en suite.

Haven't had a chance to listen to Joshua Thew? Head to GreaseRelease's Chill RnB Playlist to listen to his latest single and more artists like him!


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