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Syte-seeing : Groovy RnB

Having evolved from sultry vocals and sensual instrumentation to upbeat energy, stimulating synthesis and a penchant for exciting vocal melody lines, RnB has gone down a multitude of routes, and paired with the large prospects of differing fusions there are a lot of emotions that can now be conjured from this one genre. One particular artist that has caught our ears recently is 'Syte'.

Syte is an NYC-based duo consisting of Nita Kaja (Vocalist) and Drin Tashi (producer/engineer). "Syte" originating from the Albanian language meaning "eyes" pays homage to both Nita and Drin's roots in their Albanian Heritage. They describe their music as a "Balanced contrast" with comparisons to "Introvert & Extrovert, Sun & Moon, Right & Left Brain". Their complex sound is brought to fruition by 'Nita and Drin's opposing, yet complimentary natures". The duo describes their genre as a "colourful alloy of alternative R&B and art-pop, fusing captivating hooks with a laid-back indie style"

The duo debuted in 2018 with a 5 track EP, titled "EP" followed by 5 singles and 1 album. Their 2 most recent singles 'Sirena' and 'Where Did The Love Go' exhibit the inherent inclination for composition and arrangement they demonstrate.

'Sirena' is filled to the brim with layers of synths and percussive rhythms that create an internal groove. The deep-rooted optimism is quite apparent in the instrumentation but simultaneously remains divergent from the vocal melodies and the nature of the lyrics on display. The central hook of the track is captivating and has an instant appeal from the moment the first chorus hits with all its embellishments and prominence in power over the track.

'Where Did The Love Go' allows the instrumentation to take up a secondary role which pushes the intricate details of the vocals and all of its harmonies forward. The prolific melodies teeming with layers upon layers of harmonies create a kaleidoscopic concoction of tones and textures that give birth to an intriguing soundscape. Although the somber nature of the title may lead you to believe that the track is characteristically heart-breaking, it appears to play a role better placed in acceptance. The break-downs in this track induce a feeling comparable to psychoactives, producing an ethereal canvas of sounds and progressions. What we found most interesting about Syte was their natural proclivity towards creating exciting arrangements that will keep you on your toes.

Haven't gotten the chance to listen to Syte? Head to GreaseRelease's Chill RnB Playlist to listen to them and similar artists!

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