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The Depth of a Musical Poet : Charlie Wilde

Pulling us in with the raw and rustic feel Charlie plants in his compositions, he constructs stories and poems which appeals to the emotions we feel as humans. The sound that Charlie adopts in his music is, as he describes, 'raw, sincere and human with an ethereal nature and emotional delivery conveying a deeply personal yet accessible message'.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Indie-Folk artists such as Bon Iver, Patrick Watson and Ben Howard, Charlie imbeds a flurry of emotion that is placed on top of a strong foundation of lush instruments re-interpreting those emotions into sounds.

The simplicity of the musicality of his tracks is contrasted with the depth of the lyrics, perfect for a particularly somber mood. The unique vocal tone and texture that Charlie possesses creates an amalgamation of tracks that are rare in this day and age.

The release of his debut single, 'Antithesis', garnered in a lot of acclaim and attention towards Charlie, and rightly so. Having been labeled as a quickly rising star Triple-J picked him up for time on air, as well as continuous national radio play time.

Charlie's debut EP, 'Allihies', which released in 2021, was forged in honor of his father. Allihies is a beautiful journey filled with soft, warm strings and anxiously emotional keys featuring on all the songs. Allihies is a sparsely common album, containing Indie-Folk songs of so many different styles and feelings.

Still haven't had a chance to listen t Charlie Wilde? No worries! Head to Grease Release's Indie Folk & Acoustic Playlist to give it a listen!


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