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Usna's Groove Rap

A producer, rapper and pianist mimics the groovy danceability of a funk track and layers it with a lyrical flow so strong, it'll take you back to Kanye's old days. Since his debut single release in 2021, Usna has released 3 more singles in 2022 all of which are compiled into an EP, "You're Right", with an added 5th track with the same title.

The influences in his music aren't very difficult to recognize, spanning across the likes of Brockhampton, Jay-Z, Pharrell and Billie Eilish. His most recent release, "You're Right", gave us a fresh breath of nostalgia from when we first heard "Black Skinhead" by Ye (the artist formerly known as Kanye West) on television.

The fast-tempo, highly percussive track, filled with 808s and layered synths is something the Hype Rap scene has been missing for quite some time. He describes his music as 'Alternative Hip-Hop'. His popularity for a debut artist increased exponentially, garnering over 1M+ streams on Spotify across his 5 tracks in under a year.

His goal at the moment is to collaborate with artists as much as he can for the foreseeable future, a goal which he has already taken quite a few steps towards. Usna's passion for creativity extends beyond music, having a keen eye and the determination to break into the fashion industry as well.

He goes on to elaborate that his creative process is "just me trying to be unapologetically myself and trying to make music and that makes myself and others feel confident" his goal in music is to inspire more people to be open-minded.

Haven't had the opportunity to listen to Usna? Head over to The Skadoosh's Rap Hits 2022 playlist to listen to his music and similar hits.


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