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7 Indie-pop Artists with a Distinctive Sound

VII. Phelix

Phelix is the brain-child of multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist, Eric Vanier. Phelix’s debut EP, “Some Dude Phelix”, is a journey through a multitude of tracks that explore the soundscapes that are born from Phelix’ style of fusion and genre bending. The one thing we noticed after having a thorough listening session was Phelix’s ability to create ear candies in the form of vocal hooks and melodies. Phelix utilises a lush array of synths to really juice up the track and the atmosphere which really conveys what Phelix wants to say with the clarity of a crystal.

VI. Public Library Commute

Conrad Hsiang started Public Library Commute as an independent artist project, being the producer and writer behind the curtains. His music entails a heavy dependency on synthesis and groovy rhythms, which shouldn't be surprising with the the amount of Hip-Hop influence in his music. But what makes Conrad unique is his distinct eat for soundscapes and samples; you will find each and every song on his sizeable discography to have its own vibe and energy. Compositionally, Conrad pulls from Hip-hop, Jazz, Pop and RnB; processing and turning all these influences into his own sound and arranging them in very unique ways.

V. Foxes in Fiction

Foxes in Fiction is the solo project of Warren Hildebrand. The instrumentation and structures of these tracks are very exciting and transports us to different realms completely, but what we loved most about Foxes in Fiction were the ethereal harmonies and ambient textures. Warren's compositions and arrangements are quite evidently unique once you have gotten the chance to really listen to the music. Warren also happens to run an independent record label, 'Orchid Tapes' which primarily works with indie music.

IV. Jelani Aryeh

Jelani is a 21 year-old singer, rapper and songwriter with a unique perspective on music, and the emotions he goes through while creating his music come through in the form of his soulful vocals. His music tends to exist eternally between genres. Having released a handful of singles and 3 albums over the years (since his debut in 2017), the evidence for his growth and evolution is nothing short of apparent. The large catalogue that's available on all major streaming platforms contains a variety of songs that will do nothing shirt of excite you.

III. Dreamer Boy

Dreamer Boy is the brain child of Zachary Arthur Taylor. The energy in his tracks shift between retro, funky, groovy and chill; all of which are perfect for any indie-pop session. Zachary utilizes a wide array of instrumentation and processing techniques that will leave you in awe. The rhythm and groove changes here are quite stimulating and exciting. The vocal arrangements create a full and wide sound with rich timbres and warm, rounded basses.

II. Miloe

A name derived and inspired by Coldplay's 'Mylo Xyloto', Miloe includes warm full guitar tones along with his soulful vocals and lush harmonies accompanied by energetic percussion and drums to really get you in that feel-good mood. Debuting in 2019, Miloe has sustained his growth creatively and artistically. The grooves and vocals he created to work in tandem have a hold over our brains and never ceases to amaze us.

I. MyKey

MyKey's unique production style and ear for synth tones and textures creates a matrimony of emotions that takes on a journey through worlds. The compositional movements along with the arrangements and embellishments create what we like to call and auditory spa. The vocal processing and tones that MyKey implements in his music are always a treat to listen to and paired with the addictive vocal melodies gives you a recipe for a great track.

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