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Did you say merch? Where?

Don't we all appreciate displaying the music we love on our bodies as a form of self-expression? I was talking about clothes, but sure if you want to get a tattoo of your favorite artist, then by all means! (Just make sure you're old enough/your parents know about it and you're going to a good place, not a shady basement with only one bulb barely lighting the place up.)

So moving ahead, here we've listed out a few indie artists who are keeping their brand alive by selling souvenirs of different kinds to their loyal fans. Some are originals and some are made in the name of the artists. Choose wisely. Just kidding, we've already done that for you.

Also please remember, that we are in calendar year 3 of a pandemic, so shipments might take time considering the various restrictions imposed everywhere, so be patient you guys, thank you.

1. Omar Apollo

Omar Apolonio Velasco, known professionally as Omar Apollo, is a first-gen Mexican-American singer-songwriter from Northwest Indiana. Omar started releasing music in 2017 and has generated hundreds of millions of streams since then, and is even performing at Coachella this year (2022)! Known for his laid-back retro-soul and R&B sound, Omar has gained quite the following over the last few years, I mean, one would be insane not to love him, or not, everybody has their preferences right? I'm sorry. Anyhoo, you can find his merch here, or by clicking on any one of the images below and it should take you straight to his page.

2. Peter Cat Recording Co.

Peter Cat Recording Co. (PCRC) is without a doubt, one of the best indie bands India has blessed the world with, in recent years. PCRC produces a sound that is unique to them and with a horn section being used on the regular, they create an entire other-worldly experience for the listener. I am so grateful, they decided to continue through their early years of secret house party concerts, where they were at a certain point, forced to shut down by the police. So you see kids? Perseverance and hard work do pay off. Frontman Lifafa (Suryakant Sawhney) and his boys have gone on to perform all over Europe, now selling some pretty dope stuff. Take a look and see for yourself. I mean if you are as obsessed with them as I am, you'll see the worth in investing in at least one of these cool things. All original, sold by the artist. Click here or on any of the images below.

3. Bruno Major

Hailing from Northampton, England is Bruno Major. He released his debut album in 2017 called, "A Song for Every Moon". Major typically makes music for the hopeless romantic and works in the RnB and pop soundscape. With a soft and melodious voice coupled with dreamy tranquil tunes, Bruno Major built a decent following that's grown over the years and has even performed with Sam Smith, SG Lewis, and Finneas. Recently, his track, "Nothing" from his album released in 2020 called, "To Let A Good Thing Die" blew up on TikTok gaining him several new followers. You can get this precious human's merch right here. Go crazy!

4. DPR

Dream Perfect Regime known as DPR is “a fully independent entertainment label, reduced down to just a group of friends,” based out of Seoul, South Korea. In an industry that is completely dominated and monopolized by "idols" (K-POP stars idolized by fans) and their record companies, DPR as a collective has managed to make a name for themselves in South Korea and the world over. Their craft is individualistic and they have been successful in showing how RnB and hip-hop can be equally received if not more than just pop. DPR consists of DPR LIVE, DPR Ian, DPR REM, DPR Cream, and Cline. You can find their merch here.

5. Jorja Smith

If you've been following 24-year-old Jorja as I have, since her debut single, "Blue Lights" in 2016, you'll know how far she's come in this short period. Hailing from Walsall, West Midlands County, England, Jorja has gone on to make a name for herself in the R&B, neo-soul, and grime soundscape. Drawing influences from Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, and Damian Marley, Jorja has also done major collabs with artists like Drake and shared the stage with artists like Lewis Capaldi, Florence + The Machine, etc. Check out her merch here.

I hope you'll be checking out at least one of these artists today. This is the line-up we have for you, but if you or someone you know wants to promote their merch, let us know, drop us an email, or leave a comment down below, and we'll get back to you ASAP.


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