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Jess Meilman packs 'Plenty' in her new single

Beautiful guitar tones and fun rhythm patterns usher in a brand-new single from the ever-promising Jess Meilman, and we here at The Skadoosh, are pumped for her latest release, titled 'Plenty'! Wondering why? Let's try to break it down.

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Originally a New Yorker, Jess Meilman quit her 9-to-5 job in 2021 to travel to Los Angeles and pursue music. Having been an avid music lover since childhood, Meilman would often be found in the family piano room, where she used to compose music for lengthy durations of time. Heavily influenced by the likes of Tame Impala and SZA, Meilman finally made her debut as a solo indie artist in 2022 with her debut single 'Guilty Soulmate' after working with EDM artist Adam Kahati. What intrigued us the most, however, was her uncanny ability to feel things deeply as an empath, and put it into an undeniably catchy tune.

<< IN FRAME: Jess Meilman recording vocals. Credit: Holy Smoke Photography on Instagram.

'Plenty' is the latter of her two released singles, and carries her signature vibe with it. Remarkable reverbed guitar parts on this track made for a fantastic listening experience, with clever usage of vocal samples in the track also helping elevate it to a whole new level. These elements created various layers of subtle complexity that kept us, as listeners, waiting in rapt attention for more. Strong drums laid down the rhythmic structure and helped the entire track to properly shine though!

There is a considerable amount of interest in her upcoming collection of songs and the promising young talent has made her intentions of taking the scene by storm, rather clear through these past couple of releases. As was in the case of ‘Guilty Soulmate’, 'Plenty' had a clear quality to it, with lots of elaborate detail and effort going into its production. The singing was absolutely top-notch and had a relaxed, almost effortless vibe to it. Especially considering the super-catchy melody of the track, the vocals were a package that was both decidedly good and very enjoyable.

The sheer thrill of newfound love is spread all over the lyrics of ‘Plenty’, and so are the trials and tribulations of the uncertainty of such a love. While on the one hand, Jess sings about showing her raw and unrefined colors, the very next line is a step back in the face of uncertainty, wondering if the partner in question might make her regret her decisions.

Come on baby pry for some secrets of mine You’ll see my colors shapes so raw so unrefined Don’t you make me regret or forget finding you finding you

Despite all these queries, questions, and skepticism, however, the overall track had a nice and fun vibe to it, which makes it easily relatable to listeners. After all, love is that one thing that could very well have its drawbacks, especially in terms of a relationship, but it is also the most beautiful thing known to humans on this planet – which is something that Jess Meilman has nailed in her beautiful new track, ‘Plenty’! We can’t wait for her next release, and the hype is certainly up with the consistency that Meilman has been showing in her last two singles.

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