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MaVe Embarks on a ‘Retrograde Flow’

Hailing from the small village of Ringebu in Norway, the singer, songwriter, and producer MaVe has released yet another fantastic single for the world to experience. Characteristic of her style, this new track has the promise of beautiful soundscapes, elegant production quality, and just pure honesty packed into a wonderful product – and it has instilled a sense of excitement in us. Quite obviously, we had to write it all down in a blog for you, and here’s what we thought!

Continuing her prolific run of releases, including various single releases and the EP titled ‘Trilogy’, MaVe has set a standard for herself to keep up with. Polished and well-rounded final products are often the key factors in her releases and set her apart as a modern artist with a very modern outlook. The way MaVe has focused on releasing singles consistently has also ended up helping her build the wonderful support that she has behind her. Her self-produced new album, ‘All the crap I shouldn’t say out loud and shitloads of ballads’ is slated for release as well, in 2023.

The first thing that struck us about ‘Retrograde Flow’ was the crystal-clear vocals and the layers of beautiful harmonies that adorned the performance. A surreal ambiance was created almost instantaneously, giving the song a wonderful introduction, while giving out the slightest teaser to the listeners about what to expect in the three-and-a-half-minute long journey.

MaVe. Credit: Thea Moen >>

Following up after the beautifully-sung intro, was the wonderful guitar picking pattern that had a delightful tonal quality to it. Adding on to the pre-existing otherworldly feel of the composition, the guitar parts were instrumental to the ambiance of the song that kept building up over time, but was still quite exquisite. The vocals were quick to accompany the instrumentation and the textural quality of the performance stole the show immediately. Undulating in tandem with the rhythm laid down by the acoustic guitar, the vocal and the instrumental parts existed in the same space with grace – with the two stopping and starting here and there to provide each other room to flourish. To draw a parallel, you could imagine the two as dancers in a duet – vibrant, yet ever-so-stable.

Apart from being very meaningful, the lyrics on this track had the quality of consistent scansion about them, and fit in very well with the flow of the melody. An easy-going bridge section ushers in the hook with great comfort, while the hook itself is familiar from the very intro to the song with the refrain that ends poetically with ‘Retrograde Flow’. There it was, a perfectly-completed circle in a song that promised every bit of such a satisfaction to the listeners.

So, As raindrops fall, Let yourself go, In retrograde flow

With the progress of the composition into its last minute, the beautiful harmonies successfully transport the listener to a completely different world where everything is a little bit more bittersweet, and every place is as spacious as space itself. In other words, perhaps reality is distorted for the listener for a good three minutes and twenty-nine seconds, and MaVe rules all over that period.

<< MaVe in her home studio. Credit: MaVe on Facebook

For most of us music lovers, it would be a stretch to say that we would not be able to live without music, even though it wouldn’t be too far from the truth. Quite similarly, MaVe finds herself unable to function on the days when she doesn’t make music (as opposed to ourselves, who get to enjoy their work every single day). It is probably this dedication to making and releasing music with lots of effort, dedication, and love – in addition to a smart release strategy – that has led her to success both on streaming platforms and on radio, with her music having been played on major airwaves like P1, P3, Radio Nova, and Ordentlig Radio.

All of these factors make MaVe as an artist, and ‘Retrograde Flow’ as a song very exciting prospects in our eyes, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

Didn’t listen to the track yet? Find it on this indie folk and acoustic music 2022 playlist by one of our fellow curators, GreaseRelease, and enjoy! Make sure to check out other such tracks to keep the vibe going!


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