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Motherwind rock out in 'Leesa'

'Hidden deep along the river bends of Eau Claire, Wisconsin,' they say, 'you'll find Motherwind.' Living up to the utter beauty of that expression, the American rock outfit hasn't failed to deliver a rock sound that was rich enough to build a gorgeous wall of sound. Even then, their signature vocals and old-school rock sound wasn’t compromised in the least, and the listening experience was a modern touch to a traditional sound. The four-piece outfit has now come up with their latest single titled ‘Leesa’, which has caught our attention. What’s so special, you say? Let’s find out together!

Photo: Motherwind. Credit: on Instagram

The wonderful guitar picking on display on this track sets the tone for the entirety of the composition giving the product its unique sense of being. That is probably true for most plucked-guitar introductions in rock history, but Motherwind never tried to do anything different. Being true to their very celebrated rock ‘n roll roots, the band has nailed the introduction to the song, leaving the listeners in great anticipation for what is to come. It is this anticipation that mostly sets the great apart from the good, and Motherwind shows how it mustn’t always be very on-the-face in terms of a cliffhang – and that even more subtle approaches to tease the listener ever-so-slightly has a huge impact on the memorability of the song.

Vocally, it was a characteristically strong performance that exuded lots of confidence, giving the track a certain centerpiece to revolve around. The gritty tones on the guitar rang out to acknowledge the textural quality of the vocals while making for a beautiful backdrop against which the singing could shine. It wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine Motherwind singing ‘Leesa’ on a concert stage in front of thousands of people, such was the mix and the production quality that we were gifted with, on this track.

<< Photo: Motherwind live at Goodfellas in 2017. Credit: Motherwind on Facebook.

As the song progressed, the guitars take more of a riff-oriented approach and make the groove of the composition impossible not to headbang to. Fitting in perfectly with the rhythmic sections of the song, the guitars made sure to make the song sound like a product that you couldn’t stop listening to. The drumming should especially be noted, which was exquisite, becoming the rhythmic backbone of the composition, as is generally expected from rock drums since time immemorial. The solid bassline on this track wouldn’t be easy to miss at all, especially if you’re listening to Motherwind live. Fantastic strength in the vocals, again made for the hook to be unputdownable, while the breakdowns now and then, were a treat to the ears.

Having formed in August of 2020, the pandemic-era band showed a lot of potential ever since they started, making it clear to the world that their artistry could not be tamed even by the raging crisis. Formed with the quartet comprising of Anthony Frey (vocals & guitar), Nate Rogers (lead guitar), Michael Hargens (bass), and Jackson Kleingartner (drums), the group first started making music out of an old horse sanctuary that belonged to a mutual friend and was initially known as ‘The Color Scene’, kicking off what would turn out to be a spectacular ride through their journey as a rock force to be reckoned with.

It is the road ahead that would be of paramount importance to Motherwind, as the platform that they have created for themselves is undeniably good. With a strong EP and two wonderful singles already out, the tone has been set by the quartet itself in terms of the future, they are only a gem waiting to be unearthed!

Haven’t heard them yet? Find ‘Leesa’ on The Skadoosh’s indie rock and alternative music 2022 playlist, and listen to many more such bangers!


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