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Love Yourself with RANJ x Clifr's UNO

by Arthish Banerjee

An outburst of good vibes arrived in March 2022 with the release of UNO by RANJ x Clifr. Beautifully sung vocal melodies and easy-going beats makes this a must-have in your March music playlists. Why? Let's dive in!

Cover art. Credits: RANJ x Clifr on Instagram.

In the age of cutthroat competition and an all-consuming hustle culture, most of us have probably thought about not giving two hoots about what people say or think. While that sounds great on paper, it is hardly realistic for most of us who find it difficult to challenge the normal flow of things in life. In the search for a voice to say what we always wanted to shout out loud, RANJ and Clifr gave us the perfect track to say it all in a song.

Here's glimpse of what they had to say in the lyrics:

Love me for who I am even if fallen is what I am I know I'll be fine You know, I'll never be perfect That shit ain't even worth it You know sometimes I'm a mess but I'm proud of the process

Melodic elements are aplenty in the arrangement of UNO, as the synth plays the perfect companion to the trap-style beats for the most part of the song. However, you'll be pleasantly surprised with intricate strings parts when you least expect it, making the song rather addictive! The backing vocals are just as good as the main vocals are, and the harmonies highlight and showcase the beautiful main melody.

With those strong vocal performances on top of a beat you can't really stop bopping to, the track starts off with sheer confidence, talking about how prolific their songwriting is, but ends with a confidence-boosting caveat (however oxymoronic that sounds) of not stressing too hard on avoiding mistakes because we all make mistakes at the end of the day. Don't we? So, what's the point of playing it safe at all! (Did you need to hear that today? Because same!)

Even though the message is not to try too hard to be flawless, there is also the matter of growing from mistakes that were already made in the past. At the end of the day, the track is relaxed but not reckless! Life's a lucky gift that we all got, so it's probably best to be mixing it up – all the sadness, happiness, success and failure – like your favorite summer cocktail. Or maybe as RANJ and Clifr have specifically put it – like fresh margaritas!

RANJ x Clifr at a live performance. Credit: Clifr on Instagram.

The lyrics also touch upon the fake glittery façades that some of our goals in life have. Mostly, the insides of these places aren't even a faint shadow of what they are from the outside, and it's probably not worth overthinking about them – especially so, when told in such a beautiful song!

Just so you don't miss out on the message, the song reiterates itself in the chorus to ask you to not stress being 'perfect' too much. Just being proud of the process and the work put in, is a worthy victory in itself. Catchy as the track is, chances are low that you'll be able to forget!

This summer, let's love ourselves, and love others for who they are. Shall we?

Go give a listen to UNO by RANJ x Clifr on Spotify and YouTube if you haven't yet.

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