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Martin Kelly gifts us a Head Full of Noise

by Arthish Banerjee

Having created quite the buzz with his duo set-up in Martin and James, Scottish tunesmith Martin Kelly is now off on his own with a guitar in his hand, making beautiful melodies and songs to share with the world.

Martin Kelly. Photo: From his Facebook page, clicked by Vanessa Laura Jetwash

After a really popular release of Could You Be Loved, Martin now has his sophomore solo single out on all major streaming platforms, and we are incredibly excited for what promises to be an utterly melodious track. What makes us so eager in anticipation, you ask? Read on!

At the heart of this story, is the protagonist, Martin Kelly. When he is not busy being a prolific musician for his duo, Martin & James (they've got two released EPs and LPs each under their belt), Martin is a melodious singer-songwriter currently based in Berlin, Germany. Mostly performing with the likes of Thees Uhlmann and Annett Louisan, he has already built up quite the following on music streaming platforms worldwide, and for good reason! Oh – and before we forget – he also takes keen interest in the art of doodling and is a known contributor both lyrically and musically on various projects including films!

Among all these varied talents, Martin has given songwriting his very best, and it shows on his music, especially in the new single. Soothing melodies and arrangements characterize Head Full of Noise, making it what we feel is one of the better tracks we have heard in recent days. So much so, we're left wondering how dealing with versatility could be both a blessing and a bane – and on the flipside, how Martin makes it look also so easy!

Martin Kelly performing in Hamburg, Germany. Photo: Molotow

Traversing through the simple percussion-based intro isn't quite as daunting, though, and the presentation of the first abstract vocal run creates the perfect suspense for the entry of the main melody – and Martin doesn't hold back. A full, engaging hook greets you in all its glory, with open arms and and a dreamy soundscape. Stunning usage of falsettos and an undeniably good melody keeps the listener absolutely riveted to this track, until it evolves, yet again.

I've got a head full of noise, 'cause wherever I go, Wherever I go, I see rows ahead of rows No stars in the sky....

This time, it evolves into a more personal kind of an arrangement. It almost feels as if it is an 'aside' in a staged play, or a deeply-felt monologue in the otherwise mind-numbing vastness of a saga. The only companion in this journey is an acoustic guitar that plays a rhythm that almost feels as natural to the song as the very presence of Martin's beautiful voice. The journey only gets better, though, as an organ and a strong bassline joins you to take you to the nearest chorus!

Overall, the track is an example of superb production quality, while keeping the basics of the track very simple and very enjoyable! Beautiful ambient elements make the listening experience rather dreamy, and if we may say so, quite otherworldly. Lyrically, it is an important reminder of the helplessness of the human situation, and the inner demons that we are all fighting every single day.

In such a scenario, we can only thank our lucky stars for a voice like Martin Kelly's!

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Stream 'Head Full of Noise' on Spotify.


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